Key Areas of Shared Services

Level 2 & Level 3 Support
Supporting break-fix, configuration issues and troubleshooting. Level 2 team will handle escalated issues that Level 1 support is not equipped to support OR Level 2 operations can be limited to solving known issues. Level 3 develops new solution to the problems and does major enhancements.
Incident & Problem Management
Goal of Incident management is the speedy restoration of service to normalcy. And with diligent Problem management incidents are prevented from reoccuring and minimizing the impact by doing the root cause analysis.
Preventive & Adaptive Maintenance
Implementing application changes proactively to avoid causing severe issues. Also training the user of the functional changes to keep them informed about the new functions. Application performance and tuning is supported.
Migration & Upgrade Projects
Supporting different system upgrades that need testing in many configurations before being released. Migration of applications to newer version or configuration which can be performed manually or using tool are fully supported.
Enhancement & Development
Implementing and releasing major functional changes in form of Application Enhancements or as new Development Projects based on the business prioritized requirements using client's SDLC processes in their environments.
Fit For Purpose Solution
Supporting any discretionary activities as per Service catalog in the client process and ensuring that it meets every interim or long term goals of their business organization. Service is best valued when the application is rightly fit to use.

Best In Class

    • 5-Minutes Response Time
    • 4-Week Transition Ready
    • SLA Support
    • 24/7 or customized On-call Support
    • Period cadence and service reviews
    • Monthly training sessions
    • Achieve Productivity gains
    • Pay-Per-Use Model offering
    • Service Credits and True-ups
    • ITIL Process & Standards
    • Save Time & Minimize Cost
    • Reduce downtime
    • Start Small, Reduce Risks and No Regrets offering

How We Work

Keep The Lights On
Manage and maintain all the critical and important applications with the right support
Upgrade and Optimize
Applications are tuned and modified to work with new design and technological changes

A Day In Life

Surround Services


Invisible innovation that need not be disruptive. We keep our client up to date on the new trends.


We help client build application and solution roadmap with the right cost-benefit analysis.


We test the proof-of-concepts to keep client market relevant and make informed decisions.